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admin April 4, 2019

Are you a beginner in investing? Would you be interested to learn the ways of starting to invest? With the rising standards of living, it’s of great importance to invest. In any investment we take, we usually want to have high profits while incurring little or no risk. For the beginner investors, it’s always quite difficult and a bit frightening sometimes to spend your investment money.

So as to assist you in finding out the necessary steps you’ll need to take in terms of investing, this guide shares 10 best profitable investment ideas for the beginners. These ways can make you cash both in the short term and long term. Each and every investment idea that’s laid out has its own basic strategies and principles that you’ll have to understand. Also, you don’t have to invest in very single one of them so as to be successful; just choose an idea or two that you’d wish to learn and go with it.

Real Estate

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Real estate is an ideal option to invest in, especially if you’re interested in well-protected investments. It doesn’t matter where you live at the moment, the real estate sector flourishes and develops well even in developing nations hence making it the best investment.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is known to produce the best returns even when compared to alternative types of investment. With Forex trading, you can even begin with a relatively small capital. It’s very possible, with a sound strategy, to make a decent amount of cash through this form of investment.

Treasury Bonds

If you’re looking for safe investments, treasury bonds are a good choice since they’re issued by the government. With as little as a thousand dollars for each, you can purchase treasury bonds that can yield even over 5% after maturing.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are one of the simplest way to invest. You’ll only be required to select a certain type of fund and then send them directly to your finance manager who will carry out the rest.

Stock Market

With stock market, you get to experience some excitement while earning money. However, there’re many risks involved with this type of investment. Therefore, you should identify and understand all the kinds of risks entailed in trading stocks so as to prevent yourself from losing lots of money in case your stock picks fall suddenly.

Time Deposits and Other Bank Products

You can always contact your local bank’s representative and request of their fixed deposit schemes. Most banks provide great returns on time deposits hence making them valuable investments.


We all require insurance so investing in a certain plan or two will ensure that during cases of emergency or during your death or retirement, you’ll be well taken care of.


Obviously, it will never be a bad time to invest in gold; whether it’s in the form of bars or jewelry. Unlike a lot of the alternative investment options, the value of gold is rising with time while the dollar’s value keeps depreciating. This makes it among the best investments you can take.

Your company’s 401k

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Most companies provide “safe harbor” or other related retirement plans. The contribution programs for this safe harbor plan work by making sure that the whole amount paid to you by the company is completely vested in you; which means that in case you decided to resign, the funds will remain in your name.

Penny Stocks

This is an investment option that can bring huge returns in just a matter of hours. Penny stocks are very cheap volatile stocks that can double or even triple the original value fast.

As you start investing, it’s important to understand the various ways you could invest and the risks involved in them. You wanna make decent returns? Try any of these ways.

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